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The Engineering team at OpenGov, led by Deepak Alur, is a part of the broader R&D organization, which is led by Ammiel Kamon. You can read more about Ammiel and Deepak here. The R&D team has around 50 members across multiple locations. Our main development center is at our headquarters located in San Francisco, CA. We also have development centers in Portland, OR and New York City, NY and our HQ in San Francisco, CA.

The infographic below is a representation of how the R&D organization is structured at OpenGov.

At the foundation is the Engineering Operations (EngOps) team of Infrastructure, DevOps, & Security engineers who focus on providing a unified and standardized ecosystem to develop, build, deploy, and monitor OpenGov’s applications and platform frameworks in a cloud infrastructure that is secure and compliant. The Data Platform team is another foundational team of Data Engineers who focus on providing the large-scale data ingestion, processing, and storage systems that are used by OpenGov’s applications.

Above these two “horizontal functions” are many Application Development teams of frontend, backend, and full-stack engineers and SDETs that specialize in building OpenGov’s applications for public sector budgeting, performance, communication, and reporting. Our Design team oversees the design and UX aspects of all our applications to provide a consistent and modern look-and-feel balanced with ease-of-use and intuitive UI that is tailored for public sector workflows.

A team of cross-functional Product Managers and Architects provide the evolutionary guidance for our product, architecture, and technology. Our Program Management Office assists in planning, execution, and provides empirical guidance by extracting metrics & insights from our dev, test, release, & support processes.

Finally, supporting our SDETs that are embedded in the Application Development teams, is a cross-functional team of Quality Engineers led by a Test Architect that is primarily focused on higher-order testing (performance, scalability, security, & availability).

Visit our Careers page to learn more about what it’s like working at OpenGov.

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