Facility maintenance management
Cobb County, GA field professional logging work in Cartegraph One for iPad
Water utility asset management
Field professional carrying an iPad in Dubuque, Iowa

Manage every asset.

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Software built to manage any physical infrastructure asset.


Asset Management Software

Governments, utilities, universities, and commercial campuses tap into Cartegraph's asset management, work order management, and space management software to better manage their assets, track work, optimize space, and spend smarter.

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“We have a half-billion dollars’ worth of infrastructure and it's my job to protect that investment. I need to know what condition it’s in and what needs to be repaired.”


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“It used to take a half an hour or more to hand out daily assignments. Now, the crews come in, the foremen already have their tasks lined up in the iPads, and they’re off.”

Headshot: Kristen Steach
Cartegraph OMS - Task calendar view
Cartegraph One - Assigned tasks

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“By understanding the space we have and the condition it’s in, we make smarter decisions about how to use our facilities.”

Headshot: Carol Crutchfield

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“We have to be considerate with the tax dollars coming our way. It’s incumbent on us to spend that money the right way.”

Headshot: Mike Skibbe
Cartegraph OMS - Equipment overview

Hundreds of governments use Cartegraph to improve the lives of more than 35 million citizens.