AI-Powered Public Procurement

Streamline Operations with Innovative Scope Drafting and Supplier Research Capabilities

August 16, 2023 – Zacchary Dukowitz

AI, or artificial intelligence, is bringing efficiencies to many jobs around the country. Now, that change is coming to the world of public procurement, with AI-driven scope drafting and supplier research. These transformative features, available only with OpenGov Procurement, are designed to give your teams the power to build scopes of work faster and research suppliers more efficiently.

These new tools leverage cutting-edge AI technology to:

  • Streamline RFx development with scope of work automation
  • Give a big boost when researching suppliers who are a good fit for your projects

Keep in mind: AI is a great way to quickly start a new scope of work and start your supplier research. But, like manual processes, it’s not perfect and can contain errors.

Read on for more details about these all-new capabilities and learn how to bring them to your procurement office.

Faster Scope of Work Drafting

You and your team spend countless hours researching project requirements, analyzing past scopes, and writing technical documents. You can get to the important stuff quicker by using AI to draft the initial scope of work.

AI-Powered Scope Drafting within OpenGov Procurement is designed to speed up the process of the initial SOW drafting. This innovative tool allows procurement professionals and internal customers to simply type a short description of the project, such as “Community Engagement Consulting Services for the Department of Public Works,” and end with a draft set of project requirements.

OpenGov Procurement uses advanced natural language generation to draft recommended sections for your scope of work. It analyzes project needs and drafts scope sections with just enough detail to kick-start collaboration with your colleagues.

The result is a comprehensive, compliant, and consistent scope of work generated in a fraction of the time, every time.

But, we want to emphasize, this feature isn’t replacing the strategic work of your agency. Scopes will need thorough scrutiny from subject matter experts who still need to compare the generated scope to existing scopes, double-check the requirements, and more.

Improved Supplier Research

The concept of the traditional bid network where suppliers have to register to receive notifications is outdated. Rather than put all your eggs in one bid network basket and hope for the best, why not search out vendor’s websites for information that closely aligns with the service and/or product you’re looking for?

OpenGov Procurement’s other new capability, AI-Powered Supplier Research, starts by using your SOW. It takes the scope of the project you’re working on and trains itself to perform a search for companies whose website information matches the language found in the scope. From there, it suggests companies, local or national, that might be able to perform the work. It provides the businesses’ website links for convenient research, and you can easily add companies to your invitation list for when you release the public notice for the bid you’re working on.

Bring AI to Your Procurement Team

These transformative features are part of our continuous commitment to leverage innovative technology to set a new standard for efficiency, compliance, and service in public procurement. We are confident AI-Powered Scope Drafting and Supplier Research will be game-changers for procurement teams looking to streamline efforts and amplify impact.

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