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Space Management and Planning Solutionsfor Government Agencies and Educational Institutions

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Make smarter, data-driven facility management decisions with Cartegraph's end-to-end software. Optimize the performance of your buildings and infrastructure, drive efficient portfolio operations, maximize resources, improve space utilization, and reduce costs.

Facility cost reduction

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Operations account for over 80% of your facilities TCO. Use Cartegraph to monitor your KPIs and make data-driven decisions.

Annual savings

Save $500,000 Annually

Increasing your occupancy rates by just 5% with Cartegraph can save $500,000 annually in occupancy costs for every million ft2.

Annual savings

Cut Moves by $175/Employee

Cartegraph can help you reduce the time it takes to plan and execute moves, saving you over $1 per square feet of moved office space.

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Space inventory management

Capture and Classify

Campus, buildings, floors, and spaces: know exactly how much square footage you own and what types of space you have. Easily load your CAD and BIM data into Cartegraph, then classify spaces by type, use, accessibility, and condition. 

Beaufort County School District logo
“By understanding the space we have and the condition it’s in, we make smarter decisions about how to use our facilities."

Carol Crutchfield, Planning Coordinator
Beaufort County School District

Space planner using Cartegraph space management software
Cartegraph space management social distancing occupancy planning app

Occupancy and Vacancy Management

Determine Capacity

Know your exact occupancy, vacancy, and density rates with Cartegraph. Map assignable spaces, calculate capacity, and measure the utilization of all your facilities. You can even audit spaces on the go using a smartphone or tablet device. 

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Do more with your maps.

Already have your building and infrastructure data in ArcGIS? Great news: our seamless, two-way Esri integration will serve that data up in Cartegraph for enhanced facility asset management software analysis.

Cartegraph space management software move assignment tool

Office Move Management Software

Manage Assignments

With Cartegraph, you can map people, departments, or organizations to your spaces in a snap. Run scenarios, share rock-solid move plans, and use space standards to pinpoint the perfect assignments based on job title or function.

Space Reservations

Meeting rooms, hoteling, hotdesking, shared office space. Manage all types of reservable space in Cartegraph—and make it easy for your team to book their space via Microsoft 365.

  • KPI card: 4 employees needing space assignment
  • KPI card: 8 floors with high availability
  • KPI card: 15 buildings with less than 80% occupancy
  • KPI card: 121 unclassified spaces
  • KPI card: 2 HVAC warranties ending in the next 90 days
  • KPI card: 9% lab availability
  • KPI card: 23 buildings 75% occupied, in good condition
  • KPI card: 108 available work spaces
  • KPI card: 269 spaces requiring social distancing adjustment
  • KPI card: 42 unassigned parking spaces
  • KPI card: 7 over-allocated spaces for Support department
  • KPI card: 2,208 sq. ft. of available lab space

Property Management Data Analytics

Analyze and Optimize

Put information into action with Cartegraph's custom KPI cards and standard reports. Reduce the total cost of ownership, monitor portfolio performance, meet compliance, and build data-informed capital plans with one system. 

Bill Barron, Managing Director Buildings and Infrastructure, Cartegraph

“Facilities are one of your largest assets, expenses, and long-term obligations. You need smart, data-informed decisions.”

Bill Barron, Managing Director
Buildings and Infrastructure, Cartegraph

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Creating Safe Workspaces

in a COVID-19 World

Explore the top 7 space planning and facility operations concerns, and uncover tips and tools to help you prep for success.

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Using Cartegraph's space planning software to update buildings and offices during COVID-19

Government agencies and educational institutions trust Cartegraph to help manage over 300 million ft2 of space.