Meeting ARPA Reporting Requirements and Workflows

April 30, 2022 is an important date.

As you know, it’s the deadline for the second quarterly Project and Expenditure Report for most local governments. If the thought of this literally keeps you up at night, it’s time to change that.  From allocating and tracking, to meeting ARPA reporting requirements, we’re here to help. Here’s how OpenGov can help with ARPA reporting requirements and workflows.

(This list is far from exhaustive. Get in touch to see where else our solutions can help. )


How does OpenGov support ARPA reporting requirements and workflows?


1. Allocate Funds

Right out of the ARPA gate, our budgeting software makes it easy to strategically determine the use of funds. We can help  you easily collect input on fund use from internal stakeholders, the public, and nonprofits via an online platform, streamlining both idea collection and review.  Then, our  solution purpose-built for local government, allows you to easily build your budget line item by line item.  With simplified budget building and tracking, your team can start with the end in mind  and  save  time for high-value activities. More conversations and less number crunching. This  overarching view of the budget, paired with our platform for fund spend input, also allows for easy collection of jurisdictional – as well as Treasury – priorities. Then, you are better prepared to leverage dollars to meet local needs.

The City of Brookline, MA makes it easy to both share information and collect resident input through their ARPA Fund Tracking portal.  It’s a one-stop shop that allowed the City to easily hear the priorities of the community, while allowing them insight into current plans.


2. Report to the Treasury

Lean on our local government software to help organize data into a tidy package to report back to Treasury on an annual/quarterly basis. Our systems solve for the pain of high-stakes translation through a systematic, repeatable, templatized collection of data rooted in workflow.  Not to mention the audits. You’ll be ready when they hit with our audit proof-package that provides consistent data in to allow for consistent data out. That means, once again, staff time saved and better sleeping at night. (Are you sensing a theme here?)


3. Report to and Engage the Public

Our solutions make it easy to both solicit public feedback as required by regulations and present consumable information to public so they can easily view progress. This bird’s-eye view into ARPA spending offers a handful of benefits, including silencing potential naysayers by controlling the narrative, offering transparency that helps to build a new level of trust, and providing a hub for all-things ARPA  to amplify results,

Check out how the City of Phoenix, AZ offers complete transparency into their ARPA  spending  here.  From budget tracking to a breakdown of priorities, residents can view this platform anytime, from any where, for updates. Plus,  the City has the data readily available when it’s needed.


Your Partner in ARPA Reporting Requirements and Workflows

Let’s talk ARPA. For a detailed look at our capabilities,  request a demo. In the meantime, check out our additional ARPA resources.


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