Leading procurement companies partner to deliver local governments the optimal technology buying experience

Marketplace.city and ProcureNow are announcing a partnership agreement that enables ProcureNow customers to engage Marketplace.city’s Clearbox process from within their tool.  At the same time, Marketplace.city will be using ProcureNow’s industry leading technology platform to manage their government customers’ technology procurements. This partnership will allow both companies to further their mission to simplify local government procurement making it more efficient for governments and vendors.
The Urban Institute estimates that the total US State and Local Government market spend is $3.1 Trillion dollars annually, of which over $100 Billion is spent annually on technology.  Chris Foreman, CEO of Marketplace.city says, “Increasingly technology investments are made outside of traditional Information Technology (IT) departments as contactless services, public health, public works and public safety are joining the digital economy.  This shift has been exacerbated by COVID-19 and social justice calls for greater transparency and accountability.”

Thao Hill, Chief Customer Officer of ProcureNow states, “Government procurement leaders are inundated with new projects and struggle to keep up with the pace of change, driving the demand for better data and their own technology platforms to manage the workload.  These are the challenges that Marketplace.city and ProcureNow directly address with this partnership.”

For joint subscribers, Marketplace.city can be added as a contributor and conduct the Clearbox process from within their own portal.  If they are not yet a ProcureNow subscriber, then Marketplace.city will have a dedicated ProcureNow portal where the procurements will be managed and vendors will be invited to respond.  Foreman adds, “The combination of these services will not only speed up the procurement process but it will increase the level of competition so government buyers can expect to receive the best pricing from the best suppliers.”

This partnership delivers unprecedented efficiency to the technology purchasing process for local governments as it combines the rich data of the intelligent guided search in Marketplace.city’s Clearbox Process as well as the unique product design and user-friendly experience of managing procurements in ProcureNow.

The companies will be launching this partnership to customers and industry professionals during the ProcureNow’s Users Group Meeting, E-Procurement Camp, on December 9th, 2020 at 11AM PST.  To register for this partnership announcement, click HERE.

About Marketplace.city:  Marketplace.city’s mission is to simplify the process of sourcing, validating, and procuring technology so governments can improve the lives of their communities with and residents smart solutions.  Founded in 2017, Marketplace.city maintains a directory of thousands of prospective technology providers and is used by hundreds of local governments around the world.  The Clearbox Process is a proprietary method designed by Marketplace.city to make technology buying recommendations based on critical data.  Learn more at https://marketplace.city

About ProcureNow: ProcureNow is a certified small, minority-owned business headquartered in San Francisco with the mission to transform efficiency and innovation in local government by offering the modern, intuitive software toolkit for building and sourcing government RFPs and bids.  ProcureNow’s Government Procurement Automation Cloud brings governments and local businesses together with technology that helps reach more companies to read, understand, and respond to complex government bids with confidence.  www.procurenow.com

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