2021: One Big Year for Local Government

What a difference a year can make. One year ago, we were at the height of the pandemic, unsure of what was ahead. Today, public leaders are more settled but remain torn between a desire for a return to normalcy and a recognition that many of the adaptations we’ve made in our lives are here to stay.

Through it all, our customers showed us just how resilient, adaptable, and truly impactful government leaders can be. One thing is certain: There has never been a better time to drive strategic transformation in your community. Thanks to pandemic-motivated shifts, ARPA and Build Back Better funds, and a rise in engaged citizens, local government leaders have the opportunity to make a great strategic impact on their communities in the coming years. 

In partnership, we can’t wait to make it happen.


4 Things Local Government Leaders Have Taught Us

We have learned a lot in 2021, thanks to our customer collaborations. These teachings are inspiring, encouraging, and will motivate our team for years to come. Here’s what we’re taking away from last year’s conversations with local governments. 


1. The faster you adapt, the faster you thrive.

We’ve watched our customers manage their communities and are blown away by the agility of government leaders. Whether it is losing a long-time employee or dealing with a cybersecurity attack, they continue to work to ensure citizens have what they need by riding the waves of developing challenges.

We’ve noticed one common thread: Those who adapt quicker, come out stronger. This often means ensuring the resources are in place now, such as cloud-based software platforms, before the curveballs are thrown. In addition, setting clear, strategic, future-focused goals help organizations adapt quicker. When all is said and done, change is good! We like to remind ourselves of that as often as possible. 


2. Everyone craves more connection. 

Colleagues and residents alike are searching for ways to connect after being separated through the pandemic. The time is now to provide it.

For coworkers, both mine and yours, that means the flexibility to access work and necessary data from their homes through cloud solutions. For residents, connection means more visibility to government spending and initiatives. With the news of COVID relief and infrastructure funds, their standards are higher than ever in terms of communication and transparency around budget, goals, and the future of their communities. 


3. Data is more than a buzzword. It’s a strategic initiative. 

Easier access. Increased use. More results. Data comes into play in many ways for local governments. Whether it’s a finance director using a collaborative budget platform or a chief information officer driving local innovation, data helps us make better strategic decisions across the board. So, the sooner you can get your hands on data, the better for all.

When the City of Tampa, FL, began collecting data, it gained greater visibility into the City’s progress toward initiatives, revealing work that needed to be done in others. 


4. Digital infrastructure is as important as economic infrastructure. 

If an increase in businesses, population, and overall growth is a priority for your community, focusing on digital infrastructure is a must. It’s no longer just part of a future vision, it’s immediately critical to a community’s economic competitiveness. 

As you strategically plan funds and grants over the next year, improve the way you serve and engage residents by prioritizing digital infrastructure in your fund planning. In addition, an increase in your digital initiatives leads to a greater availability of data for both you and your citizens. And as we learned above, this means one very important thing: Better decisions for your community. (Like we saw in Nassau  Bay, TX.


The Best is Yet to Come

We’ll say it again: There’s never been a better time to drive strategic transformation. We raise our glasses to you and can’t wait to follow along on the road ahead. Here’s to 2022 being the best year yet for local government leaders.

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