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University of Washington Leverages Cartegraph Engage to Augment Onboarding and Training

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The University of Washington uses Cartegraph for a wide variety of workflows and use cases. As a result, the institution has grown a large and diverse user community that requires guidance and training on an ongoing basis. In this session, Anthony shares how his team uses Cartegraph Engage to augment his team’s training and onboarding program. You’ll also learn how they have developed tutorials and guides for various workflows, including LED light replacement, building filter tracking, space management applications, and more.

By watching this on-demand session, you’ll be better able to:

  • Understand how Cartegraph Engage can be leveraged to onboard hundreds of users across dozens of workflows.
  • Successfully plan and execute your implementation of Cartegraph Engage.
  • Apply lessons learned based on the University of Washington’s experience.

Presented by:

  • Anthony Nguyen, Application and Dev. Team Manager, University of Washington
    Anthony Nguyen
    Application and Dev. Team Manager, University of Washington

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