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Right-of-Way (ROW) Permitting Solution Webinar

Your organization reviews a wide variety of ROW permit applications each month, from tree planting to utility street cuts. The Cartegraph for Right-of-Way Permitting solution simplifies the entire process with standard templates to help your team quickly review, approve and manage permits.

Watch this webinar to see how this new Cartegraph solution can help:

  • Standardize ALL your ROW permitting workflows in one place; no more PDFs and separate systems.
  • Enable online payments, including support for complex variable pricing for different permit applications.
  • Save time by streamlining communication between applicants and reviewers.
  • Get started quickly with a standard library of permit types embedded in your organization’s website.

Presented by:

  • Benton Yetman, Director of Products, Cartegraph
    Benton Yetman
    Director of Products, Cartegraph

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