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Plymouth’s State of the Trails: Simplifying Asphalt Inspections with Cartegraph

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Known for its lakes, rolling terrain, and beautiful 174-mile trail and sidewalk system, the City of Plymouth, MN, is home to one of the nation’s premier park systems. Inspecting, maintaining, and operating that trail system, however, is no small feat. Join Sonya as she explains how her team has been using Cartegraph data and workflows better to manage the life of 121 miles of asphalt trails, streamline the inspection process and calculations, and save hundreds of staff hours and thousands of dollars.

By watching this on-demand session, you’ll be better able to:

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency by maximizing the data and technology you already have.
  • Learn and adopt what the Cartegraph pavement asset has to offer.
  • Streamline your paved trail inspection process and work with an outside vendor.

Presented by:

  • Sonya Rippe, Project Coordinator, City of Plymouth, MN
    Sonya Rippe
    Project Coordinator, City of Plymouth, MN

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