On-Demand Webinar

How to Optimize Your Water and Wastewater Operations

Tips from the City of Kingsport

Aging infrastructure, tight budgets, meeting compliance and customer expectations: there’s a lot resting on your shoulders. But, you’re not alone. Hear how the City of Kingsport, TN water and wastewater maintenance team is using mobile wastewater software to eliminate duplicate processes and inefficiencies, improve field and office communication, and more.

Download the webinar now to learn how Kristen's team is:

  • Collecting, mapping, and updating asset info on the spot
  • Tapping into real-time work and asset data to make better decisions
  • Automating tasks to meet compliance and keep everything running smoothly

Presented by:

  • Kristen Steach
    Kristen Steach
    Asset Manager, City of Kingsport, TN