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Operationalizing Sustainability With Cartegraph

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How to Measure and Maximize Your Environmental Impact

As stewards of buildings and infrastructure, your team is tackling the global climate crisis head-on. Like most organizations, you’ve struggled to track your key metrics, monitor your progress, and use that data to understand how your decisions impact the environment. Until now.

Watch this on-demand webinar as Nick and Benton share real-world examples of how you can leverage operational insights to improve your sustainability efforts.

You’ll also learn how Cartegraph’s first-of-its-kind sustainability solutions can help you:

  • Visualize the environmental impact of your operations like never before.
  • Analyze your existing asset, work, and resource data to uncover actionable insights.
  • Simplify data entry, analysis, and reporting—allowing you to focus more resources on maximizing your impact.
  • Improve air quality, reduce emissions, strengthen your energy systems, and more.

Presented by:

  • Nick Kittle, Industry Lead, Cartegraph
    Nick Kittle
    Industry Lead, Cartegraph
  • Benton Yetman, Director of Products, Cartegraph
    Benton Yetman
    Director of Products, Cartegraph

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