On-Demand Webinar

Kitsap County's Model for
Stormwater Management

A Modern APPROACH TO regional stormwater management

In ecologically rich and fragile Puget Sound, seconds matter when it comes to managing stormwater. After all, an endangered Orca and a dwindling salmon population are at risk. Against this backdrop, Kitsap County, WA has emerged as a model for regional stormwater management.

Join Stormwater Division Program Manager, Angela Gallardo as she shares how the county deals with vandalism, accidental or illicit spills, source control, and project planning within a patchwork of jurisdictions. In this free webinar, learn how the county uses SeeClickFix, Cartegraph, and Esri ArcGIS to reduce response times from hours to minutes.

Presented by:

  • Angela Gallardo
    Angela Gallardo
    Stormwater Division Program Manager, Kitsap County