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Finding Your Authentic Voice: 12 Storytelling Types

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What's Your Storytelling Style?

We live in a narrative age where skilled storytellers control a community’s attention. Most speakers feel they need to be more engaging, entertaining, interesting, or powerful in their delivery when the most effective quality continues to be authenticity. Authenticity creates trust and trust is of the highest value when you're trying to bring a new impulse, explain a challenge, enroll a listener, or gain a vote.

During this on-demand session, David will outline the 12 storytelling types and give indications that will help you identify—and then practice—the communication style that is authentic for you. By watching this session, you'll be better able to:

  • Recall and explain the 12 storytelling types
  • Identify and practice the communication style that's authentic for you
  • Leverage your unique storytelling style to hold attention, win trust, and bring transformation

Presented by:

  • David Sewell McCann, Story Spinner and Chief Doodler, Sparkle Stories
    David Sewell McCann
    Story Spinner and Chief Doodler, Sparkle Stories

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