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Facility Management: Using Cartegraph to Build High-Performance Operations

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Building High-Performance Operations

Facility operations are often very complex, spanning the needs of space management, asset maintenance, security, and budgeting. By addressing these diverse challenges in a single platform, learn how your team can work together seamlessly to perform their work faster while helping the overall achieve high-performance operations.

By attending this session, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • How facility planners, operations, and safety and security personnel can work better together
  • Ways to leverage building interior data across your Cartegraph system
  • Strategies for maximizing cost savings and generating revenue from your facilities

Presented by:

  • Benton Yetman, Product Manager, Cartegraph
    Benton Yetman
    Product Manager, Cartegraph
  • Jeff Burgess, Senior Software Engineer, Cartegraph
    Jeff Burgess
    Senior Software Engineer, Cartegraph

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