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Facilities Operations: Best Practices with Cartegraph

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Facilities Operations:
Best Practices with Cartegraph

Facility operations significantly impact the success of your organization—whether you’re a local government, federal agency, or educational institution. Do you have the data, solutions, and processes in place to reduce your costs, improve service, keep your assets in tip-top shape, and forecast funding requirements?

During this webinar, Stu will share a step-by-step approach on how you can use Cartegraph to:

  • Build a simple facilities inventory by type and size
  • Perform a quick data-gap assessment to identify areas of improvement
  • Prioritize your most critical facilities and assets
  • Begin building high-performance facility operations

Presented by:

  • Stu Rich, Industry Lead, Cartegraph
    Stu Rich
    Industry Lead, Cartegraph
  • Quint Pertzsch, Director - Sales Engineering, Cartegraph
    Quint Pertzsch
    Director - Sales Engineering, Cartegraph

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