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Deep-Dive: Cartegraph Resource Management

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Is there a more strategic way to be using your limited resources? Do you know exactly how much time, money, and materials are being used to complete tasks or larger projects? In this session, Jim shows how to make the most of Cartegraph’s resource management capabilities. Learn the value of establishing rates for labor and equipment, setting up crews, managing vendors, and building equipment PM plans. Jim also shows how to manage inventories in different locations, establish reorder points, transfer stock, prepare materials orders, and more within Cartegraph.

By watching this on-demand deep-dive session, you’ll be better able to:

  • Simplify data entry by setting up a new laborer, adding rates, and associating them with a crew.
  • Know precisely what you have and where by creating a new inventory item, establishing inventory methodology, and stocking new vendor items into a specific location.
  • Keep equipment in tip-top shape by building preventive maintenance plans based on time and/or condition.

Presented by:

  • Jim Krausman, Subject Matter Expert, Cartegraph
    Jim Krausman
    Subject Matter Expert, Cartegraph

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