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Deep-Dive: Cartegraph Engage

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Do your coworkers have questions about what a particular field means? Or why they need to enter data on specific screens? Are you ever curious about how much your Cartegraph users are accessing the software? Or where staff spends the most or least amount of time?

In this session, Jon and Quint show you how Cartegraph Engage can help your organization in ways you’ve never imagined. From creating step-by-step instructions for specific workflows to leveraging analytics to identify where more training might be helpful, learn how your team can make the most of this game-changing, in-app feature.

By watching this on-demand deep-dive session, you’ll be better able to:

  • Create custom, organization-branded guides throughout Cartegraph to share information and support standard operating procedures.
  • Improve Cartegraph adoption and identify sticking points by monitoring and analyzing usage.
  • Send user notifications to highlight new features and share important internal news.

Presented by:

  • Jon Kremer, Product Manager, Cartegraph
    Jon Kremer
    Product Manager, Cartegraph
  • Quint Pertzsch, Subject Matter Expert, Cartegraph
    Quint Pertzsch
    Subject Matter Expert, Cartegraph

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