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Building a Culture of Innovation: If Government Can Do It, So Can You

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For years, innovation has been a buzzword (maybe even the buzzword), but what does it really mean? In this session, Eliza discusses what innovation is and isn't. She also focuses on how employees at all levels can leverage innovative thinking to improve their work along with easy things companies can do to build and sustain a culture of innovation—even in these times of shifting budgets, priorities, and resources.

By watching this on-demand session, you'll be better able to:

  • Generate new ideas and encourage participation and engagement with actionable design thinking activities.
  • Support and communicate with employees as we continue to adjust to a virtual working environment
  • Understand the unique roles that leadership, middle management, and frontline workers play in building an innovation ecosystem.

Presented by:

  • Eliza Pollack, Director of Innovation, City of Philadelphia, PA
    Eliza Pollack
    Director of Innovation, City of Philadelphia, PA

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