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Back to Basics: Cartegraph Mobile Workflows

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Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Goodbye, morning assignment meetings. See ya, end-of-shift paperwork. With Cartegraph, you have the power to collect assets, assign tasks, complete work, and track costs—all in real time, right from the field. During this on-demand webinar, Jon and Quint will show you how to make the most of Cartegraph’s mobile capabilities.
Watch now to learn how your team can use Cartegraph One to:
  • Expand your asset inventory by snapping a photo
  • Perform any task, anytime, anywhere
  •  Increase productivity by working smarter, not harder
  • Know how projects are progressing—without having to bug your staff

Presented by:

  • Jon Kremer, Product Manager, Cartegraph
    Jon Kremer
    Product Manager, Cartegraph
  • Quint Pertzsch, Subject Matter Expert, Cartegraph
    Quint Pertzsch
    Subject Matter Expert, Cartegraph

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