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The Best It Can Be: Adding Value to Your Facility Operations for Buildings + Gas Utilities

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Where do all your questions start when using an operations management system? The data, right? That's why Patrick is laser-focused on the capture, movement, and integration of your valuable data throughout the asset life cycle—from planning to engineering, design, and construction all the way to operations and maintenance. During this session, John will highlight data management challenges and the best-practice solutions you can use to achieve your high-performance goals.

By attending this session, you'll uncover:

  • Best practices to operationalize your "digital twin" data with Cartegraph + ArcGIS
  • Focused utility and facility asset management solutions and Cartegraph user examples
  • Ways to bridge the gap and extend the value of data from engineering, design, and construction to operations and maintenance

Presented by:

  • John Young, Director, Geospatial Services, Patrick Engineering, Inc.
    John Young
    Director, Geospatial Services, Patrick Engineering, Inc.

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