Safety asset management software

Cartegraph Safety Asset Management Software

Safety & Security Management

Quickly respond to emergencies with life-saving infrastructure data.

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Visualize safety assets

Eliminate Blind Spots

There's no time for guessing in an emergency. Use Cartegraph to help safety staff, police, firefighters, and EMTs quickly navigate a crisis.

Emergency response planning software

Build Real-Time ERPs

Ditch outdated blueprints and hefty binders. Move to mobile and update your emergency response plans anytime, anywhere. 

Safety and security management software

Proactively Protect Constituents

Seconds matter. Use Cartegraph to keep your safety and security assets in top shape, build plans, share data, and respond properly. 

Fire extinguisher inventory software
Life safety asset management (fire extinguisher)

Physical Security and Life Safety Asset Management

Map Your Floor Plans and Safety Assets

Fire extinguishers, AEDs, cameras, exits: know where your physical security and life safety assets are located in your real-time floor plans. Keep those assets at their best by using Cartegraph to schedule and document your inspections.

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ERP software
Emergency response planning app

Create Real-Time Emergency Response Plans

Share Living, Breathing Emergency Action Plans

Quickly get everyone out and emergency personnel in by housing your interactive emergency action plan in Cartegraph. Protect staff, residents, or visitors by giving them all the details they need to safely respond to an event. 

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Do more with your maps.

Leverage Cartegraph and the Esri ArcGIS platform to analyze and manage your property portfolio data.

Command center emergency software

Command Center Emergency Software

Prepare Your Command Center

Minimize the impact of a crisis event with Cartegraph safety and security management software. Provide your response personnel with a single point of truth that includes all your plans, floor maps, asset details, CCTV footage, and more. 

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  19. SAP

Security Asset Management Integrations

Connect All Your Systems

CCTV camera feeds and access controls to work order and HR management systems: you've got a lot of tools in your toolbox. With Cartegraph's open and connected framework, use your data however and in whatever system you want. 

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