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Create customized in-app training with

Adoption Toolkit

Streamline onboarding, boost engagement, track analytics, and deliver training directly in Cartegraph.

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Adoption Toolkit reduces your need for resource-intensive training and support. By delivering self-service guides in employees’ daily workflows, your team learns to help themselves—saving your organization time and money.

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Build Your Own Content

Create guides and support materials to empower your team. From tutorials and tooltips to surveys and videos, share unlimited custom content right when they need it most.

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Optimize Training

Your field crews, office staff, and supervisors all have unique needs. Deliver content and view analytics based on specific roles and requirements—and build an archive to prevent knowledge loss across your organization.

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Keep Employees Safe

Share standard operating procedures, training videos, how-to guides, and more. With Adoption Toolkit, employees can easily access up-to-date, task-specific safety protocols on any device.

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Measure Engagement

Our powerful analytics tools help you track user adoption, efficiency, and effectiveness. Understand how your team uses Cartegraph and identify areas where they need more training based on usage trends for users, crews, and departments.

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