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Motorola 911

Every second counts when you’re dealing with emergencies, which is why clients use the Motorola 911 integration to seamlessly pass information directly from their 911 operators into Cartegraph OMS. Whether infrastructure has been impacted by a motor vehicle accident or severe weather, the integration allows clients to dispatch crews instantly and eliminates redundant data entry—saving 911 operators thousands of precious minutes per year.

This Motorola 911 integration with Cartegraph OMS creates requests in OMS through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connecting to the client’s 911 database. The connection can be set-up at a scheduled interval—such as every five minutes—and the queried data is processed and created into Requests in Cartegraph OMS. The fields added to the OMS Request include: Requester, Operator, Client Type, How Received, District, Division, and Client Status.

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