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Essential for many of our clients, the FuelMaster Integration pulls fuel and fleet data into one location without manual imports or redundant data entry. With this integration, clients can efficiently and accurately track vehicle data, while also creating proactive maintenance schedules.

The FuelMaster Integration with Cartegraph OMS can be implemented through Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connecting directly to a database table or through automation with a standard comma delimited (CSV) file. The integration enables Cartegraph to create new Equipment records in OMS from the fuel system if the record does not already exist. From there, fuel logs are created in Cartegraph from the fuel system using a scheduled integration at a configurable interval, allowing clients to track the total usage and cost attributed to an individual piece of equipment. Fuel data typically includes: Fuel Site ID, Date and Time, Equipment ID, Quantity, Product, and Unit Cost.

Standard integrations into Cartegraph can also manipulate data in real-time, so values are consistent with other Cartegraph data. For example, if unleaded fuel is referred to as a coded value in the fuel system, it can be automatically converted to state Unleaded Fuel in OMS. This data manipulation makes searching and reporting significantly easier for end users of OMS.

Please note: this FuelMaster example can be applied to GasBoy, Phoenix PetroVend, or any other fuel system with an accessible data source as described above.

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