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Water Utilities

Software to manage your water utility assets

Distributing safe, clean drinking water to your customers is no small task. Trust Cartegraph to help you keep every water network asset running smoothly, meet regulations, and leave the paperwork behind you.

Cartegraph offers solutions for sanitary sewer and stormwater departments too.

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Proactively maintain assets & facilities

Preventative maintenance is more cost-effective than reactive repairs. Extend the life of your water network assets by taking care of them. And when a break does occur, respond quickly and effectively with Cartegraph and ArcGIS™.

Reduce operations and maintenance expenses

With increased regulation and decreased funding, every dollar of your water budget counts. Cartegraph enables workflow efficiencies—like task automation and streamlined communication—to save you time and money.


Build sustainable water operations

No more stacks of paper or three-ring binders. With Cartegraph, your water utility operations run efficiently in a web-based system that’s updated in real-time by crews using mobile devices.

Meet regulatory requirements

By tracking all inspections and repairs in Cartegraph, you create a digital archive of labor. Retrieve that data quickly and easily to demonstrate compliance with the regulations in your state.

Work from anywhere

Work online or offline with Cartegraph mobile technology. Efficiently complete inspections and make repairs, sending real-time data back to the office staff or syncing as soon as you reconnect.

Put your GIS data to work

Cartegraph has a two-way integration with the ArcGIS™ platform. Any water asset in your GIS database is available in Cartegraph—and any asset condition or work information captured in Cartegraph is then available back inside of ArcGIS™ in real time.

Track any water utilities asset

Every main. Every hydrant. Every pump. Use Cartegraph to inspect and maintain every asset in your water network.

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