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Wastewater Collection

GIS asset management software
Wastewater operations dashboard
Wastewater work order app, Cartegraph One for iPad and Android
Sewer asset management app, Cartegraph One for iPhone and Android

Wastewater Asset Management Software

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Software to manage your
wastewater asset maintenance.

Keep everything flowing with Cartegraph's simple yet powerful infrastructure asset management system. Use mobile apps to maintain your assets—from your sewer main inspections to pump station checks—then use that data to drive efficiency and spend smarter.

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Manage every sewer asset.

Laterals, cleanouts, manholes and mains: know exactly what you have and the condition it’s in. Use wastewater software to document inspections, add notes, and attach photos on the go.

Get more work done.

Do the right work on the right asset at the right time. From preventative maintenance to unexpected repairs, use Cartegraph to assign, schedule, and complete tasks from anywhere.

Track all your resources.

Labor, equipment, materials: track the resources used for every task. Monitor your budget and use the data to guide decisions related to wastewater capital management.

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Kingsport, Tennessee

Wastewater Preventative Maintenance Plans

Stay Ahead of Problems.

No one wants surprises when it comes to wastewater collection. Proactively inspect sewers, attach CCTV footage, and automatically create follow-up tasks with Cartegraph. Avoid overflows and breaks by using that condition data to build data-driven preventative maintenance plans.

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Santa Barbara field professional using Cartegraph One on an iPad while a crew repairs a sewer main

Mobile Sewer Work Order Management Apps

Work from anywhere.

With Cartegraph's easy-to-use iOS and Android apps, everything you need is in your pocket. Whether you're underground or outdoors, quickly create, track, or complete tasks and view historical inspection data on the spot.

“The app is so simple to use: enter your labor, equipment, resources; take a picture, and put in the units of measure."

Learn how the City of Santa Barbara is using Cartegraph to get more done. Hear their story »

“It used to take 30 minutes to hand out assignments. Now, the crews come in, the foremen have their tasks in the iPads, and they’re off.”

headshot--kristen_steachKristen Steach

Esri ArcGIS Sewer Utility Network Integration

Put your GIS data to work.

Already have your wastewater collection and sewer network data in ArcGIS? Great news: our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up in Cartegraph for enhanced asset management, analysis, and planning.

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Wastewater Collection Software Integrations

Integrate Your Systems.

From sewer utility billing and CCTV software to CRM and fueling systems, we integrate with practically everything. Cartegraph's open system empowers you to use your data however, wherever, and in whatever platform you choose.

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Hundreds of municipalities trust Cartegraph to help manage over 2 million wastewater assets.