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Software to manage your wastewater assets

Get up close and personal with your sanitary sewer system—in a good way. Inventory your conveyance and collection assets. Keep them in good shape. And use mobile technology to increase productivity and keep everything flowing.

Cartegraph offers solutions for water distribution and stormwater departments too.


Build sustainable wastewater operations

Goodbye printed maps and stacks of paper work orders. Run your wastewater operations in a web-based system that syncs with your GIS. Field crews can update data in real time using mobile devices.

Monitor operations and maintenance expenses

Get clear sight on how your wastewater budget is being spent. How much are we spending on CCTV? Would it be more cost-effective to repair this valve or replace it? Make spending decisions based on clear, objective data.

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Streamline asset maintenance

Easily track the inspection and maintenance history on every sewer asset. Schedule work; monitor asset condition; and identify hot spots. Respond quickly to backups and overflows using Cartegraph and ArcGIS™.

Create workflow efficiencies

Cartegraph enables a range of workflow efficiencies for solid waste departments. From eliminating daily assignment meetings to the ability to update asset data from the field, you’ll increase productivity and spend your time more effectively.

Put your GIS data to work

Cartegraph has two-way integration with the ArcGIS™ platform. Any sewer asset in your GIS database is available in Cartegraph—and any asset condition or work information captured in Cartegraph is then available back inside of ArcGIS™ in real time.

Work from anywhere

Work online or offline with Cartegraph mobile technology. Efficiently complete inspections and make repairs, sending real-time data back to the office staff or syncing as soon as you reconnect.

It used to take a half an hour or more to hand out daily assignments. Now, the crews come in, the foremen already have their tasks lined up in the iPads, and they’re off.
Kristen Steach|

Track any wastewater asset

Every manhole. Every main. Every pump. Use Cartegraph to inspect and maintain every asset in your wastewater network.

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