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Software to manage your park and everything in it

A park is about more than good looks, although they certainly don’t hurt. Create a safe, well-maintained park with the help of a modern operations management system—the parks next door will want to know your secret.

Build sustainable parks operations

No more spreadsheets saved on hard drives. With Cartegraph, your parks operations will be housed in a central database—updated in real-time by crews using mobile devices. The data you need for park planning, council sessions, and neighborhood meetings is available anywhere.

Know where your money is going

In the parks department, every dollar counts. Easily track the cost of every activity your crew performs—from lawn mowing and debris removal to playground repairs and tree appraisals. Use the data for budget planning, fundraising, and more.

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Effectively maintain assets & facilities

Keep your park in top shape with regular inspections, preventative maintenance, and streamlined workflows. And when the unexpected occurs—whether that’s a storm or an event—trust that you have the tools in place to take care of everything.

Put your GIS data to work

Cartegraph has a two-way integration with the ArcGIS™ platform. That means any parks asset housed in your GIS database is available in Cartegraph—and any asset condition or work information captured in Cartegraph is then available back inside of ArcGIS™ in real time.

Manage employees & volunteers

It takes a lot of people to keep a park safe and beautiful. From horticulture to repairs, use Cartegraph to effectively track every hour and know how much each activity costs.

Work from anywhere

With Cartegraph mobile technology, crews can see and log work on the go. Efficiently complete inspections and make repairs, sending real-time data back to the office staff.

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May 8, 2007
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Memorial Park