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Flood Protection

Flood asset management software

Software to manage your flood assets

Mitigate the impact of a flood through planning and preparation. Use Cartegraph and ArcGIS™ together to maintain your flood protection assets, build a detailed response plan, and stay organized throughout FEMA clean up work and recovery.

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Get proactive with your flood protection network

Before the water starts to rise, make sure your levees, flood walls, and flood control assets are in good shape. Extend the lives of these critical assets with routine inspections and proactive maintenance.


Build sustainable flood protection operations

No more paper work orders or printed maps. Effectively run your operations in a web-based, mobile-friendly system that syncs with ArcGIS™. The technology is valuable through every stage of preparation and response.

Predict and track the fiscal impact of the flood

Use data in Cartegraph to estimate the financial impact of an impending flood. Then rely on the software to efficiently track the cost of all resources used during response and recovery. Pull the data for FEMA reimbursement documentation, council meetings, and more.

Featured Customer Story

FEMA reporting during a $3.5 million flood event

A record rainfall pounded South Carolina for several days in early October 2015, producing flash flooding, forcing emergency evacuations, and causing power outages that affected 30,000 customers. Ten counties and municipalities declared states of emergency.

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Fema Reporting Software_Charleston, SC Story

Flood Management: A complete solution

Prepare for it. Respond to it. Recover from it.


Use Esri to develop a flood response plan

  • Determine the flood impact area using predicted flood levels
  • Identify infrastructure, facilities, and citizens that could be impacted
  • Share critical information internally and externally via ArcGIS™ Online

Use Cartegraph for work planning and recovery efforts

  • Develop an event response work plan to use during recovery
  • Estimate financial impact of potential asset repair and replacement
  • Track cost of labor, equipment, and material used for cleanup and recovery

Be prepared for your next flood.

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