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Looking to kick your equipment operations into high gear? Cartegraph’s simple yet powerful fleet management solution helps you build preventative maintenance plans, track fuel and repair costs, and justify budget requests with cold, hard data.

Dyersville, IA fleet maintenance professional viewing specs and task history of municipal pickup truck.

Cartegraph Fleet Maintenance Software

Equipment Management Simplified

Fleet inventory management

Inventory Your Equipment

Trucks, sweepers, mowers, and more: know what you have and the condition it's in. Increase efficiency and ditch the paper by digitizing your daily vehicle checks.

sign work management

Manage Your Maintenance

Perform the right work on the right equipment at the right time. From routine maintenance to unexpected repairs, use Cartegraph to assign, schedule, and complete tasks from anywhere.

Fleet resources management

Track Your Materials

Oil, filters, tires: track the resources used for every maintenance task. Keep an eye on your fleet budget and start using data instead of best guesses to guide your decisions.


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Confidently Repair or Replace

Stop sinking money into equipment that's past its prime. Based on APWA best practices, Cartegraph's vehicle replacement rating (VRR) gives you the real-time data you need to justify repairs or replacements across your fleet.

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Cartegraph OMS - Street sweeper equipment overview
Cartegraph OMS fleet supervisor dashboard

Justify Budget Requests

How much have you spent on equipment maintenance this year? What should you budget for next year? Cartegraph OMS dashboards and reports show just how much money you need, why, and what impact it will have on your fleet.


“Cartegraph has been extremely helpful in lobbying for additional funds to replace a truck or another piece of equipment.”

This city's central garage team uses Cartegraph to maintain their entire fleet. Ready to join them?

Do more with your maps.

Already have your asset data in ArcGIS? Great news: Our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up in Cartegraph for enhanced asset management and analysis.

Reduce Vehicle Downtime

Stop wasting time waiting on spare parts. With Cartegraph, your team can set reorder points so your garage is never running low on critical materials like oil, filters, tires, spark plugs, batteries, and belts.

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Track Fuel Consumption

Optimize gas usage and meet compliance by integrating your fuel management system with Cartegraph. Use fuel logs to stay on top of preventative maintenance and automatically schedule routine tasks based on mileage.


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Built For Your Agency

Need to manage 50 pieces of equipment? 5,000? Cartegraph is designed and perfectly priced for agencies of all sizes. The purpose-built, cloud-based app is powered by AWS, meaning you never have to fret about security, servers, or IT staff. 

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Hundreds of municipalities trust Cartegraph to help manage their fleet.