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Building and Facility Management

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Cartegraph OMS on desktop, facilities GIS view
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Facility Asset Management Software


Software to manage
facilities of all sizes.

From warehouses to workshops, use Cartegraph’s facility maintenance software to effectively manage the buildings, grounds, and structures that house your operations.

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Automation: Inspect Facility Lighting, Repeat: Yearly Automation: Replace When, Condition: Estimated OCI < 30 Automation: Replace HVAC equipment, Repeat: Every 8 years

Proactively maintain your buildings

Use facility software to easily create building maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge facility and asset performance, and proactively plan for upgrades and repairs.

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Reduce operations and maintenance expenses

Stop wasting time with reactive maintenance and inefficient processes. Cartegraph's facility workflow solutions drive efficiency—like better visibility with container/component asset relationships and streamlined communication.


Build sustainable facility operations

Move away from paper record-keeping and data silos. With Cartegraph's infrastructure asset management system, your facility maintenance operations run smoothly in a web-based system that’s updated in real time by crews on mobile devices.

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Creating Safe Workspaces in a COVID-19 World

Explore the top 7 space planning and facility operations concerns and uncover tools that will help you get started planning today.

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Designed for facilities.

We know facilities. That’s why we offer building space management software and specialized asset management software for the assets that reside in and around them: roofing, plumbing, lighting, HVAC, and more. Use your asset data to measure facility performance and overall condition. 

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Leverage Container/Component Relationships.

Connect any facility to its component assets and manage every piece of data together in a central interface. Use the relationship to see rolled-up cost and condition data, frequent requests and tasks, detailed asset history, and more.

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Put your GIS data to work.

Location is especially important for facilities. Take advantage of Cartegraph’s two-way integration with the ArcGIS™ platform. Any facility asset in your GIS database is available in Cartegraph—and any asset condition or work information captured in Cartegraph is then available back inside of ArcGIS™ in real time.

Track Any Facility Asset

Every generator. Every HVAC unit. Every light. Whether you’re looking to manage one asset type or an extensive facilities network, Cartegraph is tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Missing something? We’ve got you covered.

Ask us about Asset Builder. You can create your own asset types—or our wicked smart implementation team will set them up for you.

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Hundreds of municipalities trust Cartegraph to help manage over 100,000 facility assets.