Buried in Utility Locates?


Cover More Ground with Cartegraph for 811

Every 9 minutes, an underground utility line is damaged.
Protect your citizens and your electric, gas, water, sewer, and telecom infrastructure by integrating 811 utility marking requests with Cartegraph asset management software.

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Pre-marking flagsMarking spray paint can
Step 1

Your resident easily submits a utility locate request

Fences, fountains, shrubs, sheds: a citizen asks to have utilities marked ahead of their digging project. Your 811 system collects the details, from contact info to excavation plans, and the citizen pre-marks the site with flags or paint.

Premarked area
JULIE generated "Utility Locates" task interface
Premarking flag
Step 2

Cartegraph seamlessly creates and assigns the task

The 811 integration instantly converts that utility marking request into a new maintenance task in Cartegraph's work and asset management software. Automated workflows automatically assign the task to your locator technician.

Did you know: the original 811 ticket file is attached to the Cartegraph task record, so the original ticket can be easily referenced anytime, anywhere. Learn more »

Cobb County, Georgia field professional logging work in Cartegraph One for iPad
Step 3

Crews track work and resources on the go

The technician prioritizes tasks by date or proximity using Cartegraph's iOS and Android apps. Everything's digital: meaning no stacks of paper in the truck and no lost work orders. Once the task is complete, the tech enters their labor and equipment, and moves on to the next task.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

At the office, monitor productivity, track costs, and analyze your operations with dashboards and reports.

2-way 811 integration
Step 4

Cartegraph closes the communication loop

Cartegraph sends a positive response code back to your 811 system, so excavation crews can confirm the status of a utility locate request.

We're mandated to process 8,000+ 811 tickets each year. The Cartegraph integration eliminates the need to manually enter those tasks and gets us focused immediately on accomplishing the work.
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