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From pavement management to right-of-way imagery collection, our Cartegraph Data Services experts will help you capture your asset data, analyze it, and prepare for the future.

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Data Services

Pavement Management Simplified

Every dollar spent on pavement management could save you $20 down the line. Simplify your pavement management program with Cartegraph’s pavement condition assessment, GIS-based roadway network segmentation, and GIS-integrated pavement management system implementation.

360° Right-of-Way Imagery Collection

Reliable asset data is the key to controlling costs, streamlining operations, and facilitating forecasting. Let Cartegraph streamline your transportation asset management with high-res 360° geo-referenced imagery, right-of-way asset inventory extraction, asset condition assessment, and highly accurate measurement tools that can determine slope, length, and area.

Specialized Asset Collection

Looking to off-road and need help collecting park or facility assets? No problem—our Cartegraph staff are specially trained to collect assets that can’t be captured from a vehicle-based image acquisition system. Drop us a line, and we’d be happy to discuss solutions with you.

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Data You Can Use

Once your data is collected, we’ll go to work cleaning it up and optimizing it for delivery. You’ll receive every note, every detail—from basic information and location to sample images and condition ratings.

Data Migration

If you’re a Cartegraph software user, we’ll load your pavement or asset data right into your system—ready to use. If you’re not, we’ll deliver your data so you can easily load it into other software programs.

Repeat Collection

High-performance governments across the country trust Cartegraph to collect their data every few years. Why? Regular network-wide assessments help you understand how your assets are performing over time and fuel data-driven decisions surrounding work planning, material selection, and more.

Learn why Adams County collects its data every 3 years.