Cartegraph: Work Order Management Software


Goodbye, morning assignment meetings. See ya, end-of-shift paperwork. Simplify your government, utility, school, or building maintenance work orders with Cartegraph desktop and mobile tools.

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Municiple Work Order Software

Simplify Work Assignments

Efficiently manage every task in the workday. From routine municipal maintenance to unexpected repairs, foreman and crew leaders can easily create, assign, and track any type of task or work order in Cartegraph.

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Work Management Automation

Automate assignments and create lists of upcoming work. Send notifications so tasks don't get lost in the shuffle and configure Cartegraph to show only the work you want to see.


Work Order App

Ditch the Paperwork

Use the Cartegraph One mobile app to see your assigned tasks. Attach photos, take notes, enter labor hours, log materials, and more. Back at the office, supervisors have a real-time view of all work being accomplished.

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Mobile Time Entry

This feature is especially handy when dealing with FEMA clean up work and reimbursement reporting. Just ask Charleston County »

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Track government work orders with Cartegraph local government maintenance work software
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Generate Route

ArcGIS Work Order Integration

Make the most of your GIS

Use Esri ArcGIS maps in Cartegraph to quickly see the location of all assigned tasks, tasks in progress, and planned tasks. Work efficiently using route optimization to create the best route from task to task.

Two-Way GIS Integration

Access your building and infrastructure work data in ArcGIS for use in story maps, spatial analysis tools, and more. Learn more about our software integrations »

Cartegraph OMS: Work UI
Task Calendar UI

Task Calendar

Make the most of your time

Keep tabs on your to-dos for the next week or month with Cartegraph's task calendar. Review project details at a glance, and drag and drop tasks to reschedule work.

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Preventative Maintenance

Extend the Life of Your Assets

Create asset maintenance schedules, implement recurring maintenance tasks, gauge asset performance, and proactively plan for replacements and repairs.

Task Triggers

Automatically create maintenance tasks based on specified asset usage history, condition limits, and time intervals.

Cartegraph capital improvement planning

Capital Improvement Planning Software

Make data-driven decisions

Justify your budget using Cartegraph’s Scenario Builder. Within seconds, you can project which activities will maximize the life of your high-value assets, and how much it will cost. Adjust by timeline, budget, and condition goals.

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