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Is your water utility compliant with Ohio Senate Bill 2? 

Time's up. Get a plan in place now.

To ensure citizens have access to safe, reliable drinking water, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) has required all public water systems to implement an asset management program. Any organization that fails to meet the required mandate by October 1, 2018 could face OEPA action.

Does your utility need help meeting compliance with Senate Bill 2? Don’t worry, Cartegraph’s high-performance software and services are here to help your team build a comprehensive water utility  management program that includes:

  • An inventory and evaluation of all your water assets
  • Operation and maintenance programs
  • Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  • Criteria and timelines for infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement
  • Capacity projections and capital improvement planning
  • A long-term funding strategy that supports your program implementation
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