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How to Close the Citizen Communication Gap

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tips from the city of burlingame, ca 

When a citizen reports an issue, it's common to head out the door and get right to work. But, how are you tracking everything that needs to be done? How are you communicating with your team and your citizens, letting them know that you're responding to their needs?

That's the problem the City of Burlingame, CA set out to solve. Hear how joining powerful operations management software with a community-driven communication tool has allowed the City to: 

  • Provide better, faster services within budget
  • Document work history around requests
  • Address problems more efficiently
  • Educate the public about their progress

Presented by:

  • Kevin Dawdy
    Kevin Dawdy
    Management Analyst, City of Burlingame
  • Karen Hager
    Karen Hager
    Management Analyst, City of Burlingame
  • Nil Blackburn
    Nil Blackburn
    Assistant to the City Manager, City of Burlingame