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Oneida, NY: After the Flood

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How Oneida streamlined their operations

Jon Rauscher, city engineer of Oneida, NY, shares how a once-in-a-century flood acted as a catalyst for the City to streamline their operations with Cartegraph's flood management system. Download this free webinar now to hear:

  • Jon's experience reporting for FEMA reimbursement: then and now.
  • How Cartegraph has helped Oneida improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase public engagement.
  • What's on the horizon for Oneida and Cartegraph.

Presented by:

  • Jon Rauscher
    Jon Rauscher
    City Engineer, City of Oneida, NY
  • Todd Henderson
    Todd Henderson
    Sales Engineer, Cartegraph
  • Damian Waid
    Damian Waid
    Events Coordinator, Cartegraph