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The Best-Kept Secret of High‑Performance Government

Government is the scariest thing in America. That's right, according to the Chapman University Survey on American Fears, government corruption is the top fear—for the third year in a row. But, why? And what can YOU do to stop it?

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  • Tips to overcoming fear and apathy in local government.
  • The key element missing from transparency and open data initiatives.
  • 6 steps to achieving clarity in high-performance government.

Presented by:

  • Nick Kittle
    Nick Kittle
    Government Performance & Innovation Coach, Cartegraph

About Nick Kittle

As Cartegraph's government performance and innovation coach, Nick Kittle use a variety of techniques to help assess and improve organizational readiness along the journey to becoming a high-performance government. This includes helping the public sector build more effective and innovative teams, develop more efficient processes, and produce measurable, actionable results.