Stormwater culvert management and maintenance

Built for Culverts

Keep everything flowing with Cartegraph’s simple yet powerful storm culvert software. Inventory your culvert assets, meet inspection compliance, and prioritize all your repairs, rehabilitations, and replacements. 

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Cartegraph Culvert Software

Simplify Your Stormwater Maintenance Program

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Inventory Your Culverts

Know where your culverts are located and what condition they're in. Document structural, hydraulic, or geotechnical inspections, add notes, attach photos, and more from the field.

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Manage Your Work

Perform the right work on the right culvert at the right time. From routine repairs to unexpected replacements, use Cartegraph to schedule and complete tasks from anywhere.

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Track Your Resources

Labor, equipment, materials: track the resources used for every task. Keep an eye on your budget and start using data instead of best guesses to guide your decisions.

Featured Guide

Asset Management

A Guide for Communities of All Sizes

From crafting your asset management strategy to performing your initial storm culvert inventory, this ebook and worksheet combo will guide you every step of the way.

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Create an asset management plan
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Ditch the Paperwork

Quickly add culverts to your inventory, record your annual inspections, and complete assignments in the field using your mobile device. Back at the office, supervisors can monitor maintenance activities and costs in real time.

“We now know where our culverts are located, what condition they're in, and what repairs are needed.”

This senior GIS analyst uses Cartegraph to proactively inspect and maintain 1,800 culverts. Read their story »

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Cartegraph Stormwater Pollution Prevention Planning

Justify Budget Requests

How much are you spending on annual culvert maintenance and inspections? With Cartegraph dashboards and reports, show council just how much money you need, why, and what impact it will have on your stormwater culvert network. 

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Do more with your maps.

Already have your asset data in ArcGIS? Great news: Our seamless, two-way integration with Esri will serve that data up in Cartegraph for enhanced asset management and analysis. Check it out in the ArcGIS Marketplace »

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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System compliance

Streamline Compliance

With Cartegraph, crews quickly capture the right regulatory data every time. All your inspection and maintenance history is safely stored and easily accessible, making it a breeze to assess NPDES, EPA, MS4, or SWPPP compliance.

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Using Cartegraph data, the City of Golden protected itself against a flood damage liability suit. Read their story »

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Built For Your Agency

Need to manage 30 culverts? 3,000? Cartegraph is designed and perfectly priced for agencies of all sizes. The purpose-built, cloud-based app is powered by AWS, meaning you never have to fret about security, servers, or adding IT staff.

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Need more than culverts? Pipes and manholes to pumps and outlets, Cartegraph's complete stormwater maintenance solutions have you covered. Learn more »

Hundreds of municipalities trust Cartegraph to help manage 150,000 culverts across the country.