Protect your community with Cartegraph's free COVID-19 Response software

Cartegraph for COVID-19 Response

FREE for any agency looking to measure time and resources spent on COVID-19 response. Start tracking your data now to easily request FEMA reimbursement funds and keep track of all the work you're doing to keep your community safe.

Work order on Cartegraph's free COVID-19 response software

Cartegraph Free COVID-19 Response Software

Track Your Pandemic Response Activities

Manage your tasks.

From workstations and doorknobs to faucets and sinks, set a schedule for disinfection and sanitization tasks in your public facilities to comply with CDC guidelines. Assign them to staff and track when they're completed.

Track Your Resources.

Labor, equipment, materials: track the resources used for every task related to COVID-19. This will help you clearly communicate the financial impact of the pandemic to FEMA and your community. 

Assign Work Remotely.

Practice social distancing by assigning work with Cartegraph's free mobile app. Your crew can view and complete COVID-19 assignments on their phones or tablets while you monitor progress and costs from anywhere. 

Cartegraph COVID-19 response work order project management Cartegraph COVID-19 response work order project management Cartegraph COVID-19 response work order project management

Organize your response tasks.

Keep on top of all the work you're doing. Use work orders to track every task associated with your COVID-19 response and how much it costs. Workers can complete those tasks in the field, providing a real-time look at your response efforts.

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Cartegraph for COVID-19 Response work order
Cartegraph for COVID-19 Response dashboard reporting labor and material costs

Understand the impact.

Track critical data to share with FEMA, council, and residents. Cartegraph’s dashboards and reports help you serve up that data quickly and accurately, showing how much time and money you spent on coronavirus prevention and response.

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Leverage Cartegraph + ArcGIS.

Visualize your Cartegraph task data in Esri's hub through our seamless integration with the ArcGIS™ platform. This will provide a clear, complete picture of your agency's COVID-19 situation and response. Not an Esri user? No problem. Take advantage of this free offer to map your disaster response.

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