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Learn the ins-and-outs, tips, and best practices you need to make the most of your software investment through the Cartegraph online admin certification course. All course materials will be available September 14-October 16, 2020 for you to study at your own pace. 

Open Cartegraph Admin Certification testing will take place the following week—October 19-23, 2020. After passing the final exam, you'll earn 5% off* future implementation and professional services agreements for one year, plus a sweet certificate to boost your office cred.

Topics covered: Cartegraph Basics, Resources, Work Orders, Resource Estimates, Preventative Maintenance, Asset Conditions, Scenario Builder, GIS, Import/Export, Webhooks, Automations, and Data Analytics/Reports.

Training Course Available

September 14-October 16, 2020

Open Online Testing

October 19-23, 2020

Services Discount


* The professional services discount does not apply to current/existing services agreements or to annual subscriptions. The discount can be applied to future implementation and professional services agreements, such as extended support, quarterly or bi-annual training events, integrations, or other services engagements.


Admin Certification Topics

"Admin training is invaluable for anyone looking to master the system, better understand the needs of their personnel, and provide effective technical support and internal training."

Daniel Johns, Clay County Utility Authority

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