Cities, counties, parks, utilities, colleges, and universities rely on Cartegraph, powered by AWS, to manage their roads, bridges, streets, signs, water mains, facilities, and other critical infrastructure assets. Using a cloud-based solution means you don’t have to fret about security, servers, or additional IT staff.


The benefits of a cloud-based solution



IDC estimates that AWS customers have a 31% lower cost of operations over five years compared to running on-premise infrastructure. With cloud-based software, you avoid the up-front costs to buy and deploy on-premise infrastructure, while also reducing ongoing costs associated with running IT environments.



Whether you have a large IT staff or contract out your IT services, a cloud deployment reduces resource strain. We take care of the upgrades and maintenance, so you don’t have to overburden your already-busy tech professionals or hire more staff to keep up.



Whether you’re concerned about your IT infrastructure being damaged in a disaster or want to ensure that your data is protected from attacks, we’ve got your back. Cartegraph follows a meticulous set of protocols to protect your data while making sure it’s available for your authorized users. In addition to 24/7 monitoring, testing, and implementing the latest security patches, we have full and incremental backups so we can restore your database if something goes wrong. Most importantly, in the event of a serious issue or disaster, we will assess the issue, dedicate our resources to resolve it, and provide you with regular updates along the way.



With a cloud deployment, your organization has no hardware requirements or on-site equipment to purchase, manage, and maintain. Your data is readily available wherever you are, so all you have to worry about is getting your job done.



Cloud customers stay up to date on the latest and greatest features in the software, without having to bug anyone in their organization to make it happen. All upgrades for Cartegraph cloud deployments happen outside of business hours so you don’t have to worry about disruptions for your team. You simply receive an email notifying you when an upgrade will occur, and see the update in Cartegraph as soon as it's completed.

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