What if you could predict the future?

Scenario Builder


Data-Driven Budgeting

Scenario Builder

From pavement networks to water utilities, Cartegraph’s Scenario Builder municipal budgeting and planning tool predicts the future cost and maximizes the life of your infrastructure assets. Cartegraph's builder asset management software is even smart enough to take into account work you already have planned or in-progress within the system.

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Justify budget requests.

Take the guesswork out of the budgeting process. Back up budget requests with clear data and accurate projections. Run multiple scenarios to make the best recommendation to council: What would happen if we do nothing? What could we do with a limited budget? How much would it cost to improve the overall condition of our assets?

Prioritize projects.

Run scenarios for any asset. Use the data to prioritize projects—maximizing impact while spending efficiently. Create a 5-year pavement plan, pulling funds from different budget categories. Understand how much you can improve your wastewater facilities with a limited budget. A few clicks and you’ll have all the data at your fingertips.

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"Our budget doesn’t get cut. The reason it doesn’t get cut is because our council has a lot of confidence in the numbers."
Joe Cory

Deputy Public Works Director,
City of West Des Moines

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Learn from the past.

Don’t let the user-friendly interface fool you; Scenario Builder is one smart system. It uses historical data—like your all county pavement solution info—to create predictions.


See the future.

Cartegraph performance curves measure the condition and life remaining of every asset. Scenario Builder takes it further, projecting the future performance of even your most complex assets.


Spend smarter.

Select the budgets you want to pull from. Filter the results by year or dollar amount. Adjust scenarios to determine how much money you’ll need to accomplish your goals.


Make better decisions.

Project scenarios for your assets on any timeline. Want to know what could happen this year, next year, or any year after that? All it takes is a click of the mouse.

&rquo;Wicked Fast.&lquo;

When we say fast, we mean fast.

Like 20,000 activities in 30 seconds fast. And you won’t sacrifice performance for speed. The rest of your Cartegraph system will run smoothly, even as you run scenario after scenario after scenario.

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