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From citizens to coworkers, Cartegraph makes it simple for anyone to submit a request. Use the software to organize those requests, improve response times, and communicate with citizens.

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Citizen request management solution
Citizen request app for local government

Citizen Request Software

Streamline request intake

When a citizen calls in to report an issue, Cartegraph walks you through the request intake process. If the issue is already on your radar, you can easily log multiple calls under a single request—eliminating duplicate data and reducing call times.

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Asset request management software
Citizen request app for local government

Citizen Engagement

Connect with citizens

When a familiar citizen calls in, click to see a list of issues he or she has submitted. If work is already scheduled for the request at hand, you can let the citizen know when the issue is expected to be resolved. Learn more about citizen engagement »

Citizen Notifications

As soon as you complete work related to a request, Cartegraph sends a notification to the citizen letting them know that their issue is resolved.


No data silos here. We use the latest web technology to integrate Cartegraph with your citizen request platform, CRM, or Open311 system.

Citizen request management app

Mobile Request Management


Streamline maintenance workflows

View and edit requests from anywhere using your desktop or the Cartegraph One mobile app. Easily tap to contact the requester for more information if needed. Then create a work order on-the-spot to resolve the issue quickly.

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Improve Response Time

More information leads to faster resolution. When requests come in with location details and photos, crews can more quickly assess the issue and expedite the response time.

internal request logging

Internal Requests


Handle Internal Requests

Use Cartegraph to engage staff in the safety and upkeep of their workplace. Leverage the Internal Request feature to intake non-emergency issues and service requests from within your organization.

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