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Top 5 Resources for Local Governments in 2019

Whelp, it's happened: another year has flown by. And, I don't know about you, but December has always been a time of reflection for me. As we inch closer to January, I can't help but look back. Did my team accomplish everything we set out to? How have we grown and what have we learned? What were our biggest wins and our greatest challenges?

From there, I shift gears and look toward the future. What's next? Can we make any small changes that would make a huge difference for our customers? What successes should we build upon? What do we need to rethink or improve in the new year?

Now's the perfect time for you and your team to reflect on the last 365 days and make your own high-performance resolutions. Start small or dream big. It's all about being better today than you were yesterday and doing what you can to improve the quality of life of your citizens. And, we're here to help you absolutely crush it.

To jump start your journey and put you on the early path to success, check out this list of our top five free local government resources. From ebooks to webinars, customer stories to videos, these fan favorites have already been downloaded by thousands of government employees across the country.


Asset Management Basics

A Guide for Communities of All Sizes

Asset Management Basics Cover

Running your municipality is no small task: maintaining infrastructure, tracking budgets, providing reports to supervisors, presenting to council—the list never ends. You know there are ways you can make things easier. Ways to update your processes and be more efficient. But, change is tough, so where do you begin?

From crafting your asset management strategy and finding the right software solution to performing your initial inventory and maintaining your system, this ebook—complete with practice worksheets—will walk you through the process step-by-step.


Lessons Learned: Pittsburgh’s Tips for Improving Efficiency

Lessons Learned Video Thumbnail

With infrastructure designed for twice their tax base and staffing, the City of Pittsburgh knows a thing or two about driving efficiency and making data-driven decisions. Matt Jacob with the Department of Innovation and Performance shares how the Steel City is using government technology to streamline processes, improve service delivery, and manage growth.

Check out this popular webinar to learn how Matt’s team helps tracks conditions, work, and costs on 400+ buildings, 2,400 lane miles, 150 bridges, and 40,000 street trees. You’ll also hear all about building equitable paving budgets with real-time data and streamlining cost recovery for damages, special events, and abandoned properties.



Sherpa Yak

High-performance government. Those words have a whole lot of appeal to communities across the country. But, like so many clever phrases and here-today-gone-tomorrow buzzwords, how do you take it from words, to...well... action? According to Nick Kittle, it all starts with getting real.

In this top blog post, Nick breaks down the basics of building a more efficient and effective organization. Learn the characteristics of a high-performance government, what your team needs to bring to the table, tips for starting your journey, and where you can turn for help along the way.



Helotes, TX Customer Story

What do Albert Einstein, Neil Armstrong, and Josh Mair have in common? They’re all pioneers. After all, in 2010, Josh became the first public works employee in Helotes, TX, a small city just northwest of San Antonio.

Read this most-viewed case study to uncover how this forward-thinking public works director has leveraged high-performance software to grow his budget nearly 5,000 percent, increase efficiency, justify new hires, and more in just over two years. You read that right. Two. Years.



How We Work: Bay County, FL Video Thumbnail

Ever wish you could shadow another local government? Even if it was just for a few minutes? You’re not alone. Which is why this episode of our How We Work series was our most popular video in 2018.

Experience high-performance government through the eyes of five Bay County, FL team members. You’ll see how they’re using mobile devices to track asset maintenance costs down to the penny and learn they’ve recouped millions of taxpayer dollars back thanks to streamlined FEMA reporting.

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