Cartegraph COVID-19 pandemic response work order

Practical Tips for Using Cartegraph to Track COVID‑19 Response

As a leader in local government, you are working to keep your communities safe from the outbreak of COVID‑19. Meanwhile, you are still providing the essential services that your communities depend on such as water, sewer, and traffic infrastructure. How do you balance all of this? Here are five practical ways you can use Cartegraph to help.

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1. Create a work order to group any tasks related to COVID‑19.

Doing this now will save you time later. By associating any task related to COVID‑19 response, you'll capture a complete picture of the time, resources, and materials your team used for cleaning, sanitizing, and other related tasks. This will help you communicate the financial impact of the pandemic to your residents and council.

You can also use Cartegraph’s reporting capabilities for FEMA reimbursement. Be sure to set up the FEMA schedule of rates. Need help with this? Reach out to your customer success manager.

2. Stay on top of best practices by creating recurring cleaning or sanitizing tasks.

The CDC is recommending that all workstations, desks, and doorknobs are cleaned routinely. Set a goal for your organization and create tasks for staff members responsible for ensuring this work is completed. Group those tasks under your COVID work order. If you have questions on the best way to do this, contact Cartegraph support.

3. Manage your inventory of cleaning supplies with resource management.

How many disinfecting wipes do you have in stock? Are your public hand-sanitizing stations well-stocked? Track your material inventory in Cartegraph.

4. Leverage the power of maps to communicate with residents.

The fifth tenet of high-performance government is community engagement. Here's a helpful article from our friends at Esri on how to track and communicate your community's response with residents.

5. Practice social distancing with remote work assignments.

Cartegraph is a web application that gives you the ability to organize and assign work from anywhere. Eliminate those 15-minute morning huddles and create tasks, assign them (or reassign them) from wherever you are. If staff schedules are impacted by COVID‑19, you can easily reschedule work by moving things around on the calendar.

If you have questions or need help with any of the suggestions in this post, reach out to us at or call us at 877.647.3050. We're here to help.