Crossing boundaries

Why Great Leaders Are Ditching Boundaries & Embracing Values

As a local government leader, you've heard it time and again: to be successful, you need to set professional and personal boundaries. When you say yes to something you should say no to, you're left stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. But, there's the age-old contradiction: if you say no, you risk being seen as someone who's selfish and unmotivated, and could miss an important opportunity or promotion. 

So, what do you do? 

In Government Performance and Innovation Coach Nick Kittle's latest ICMA blog post, "Why Great Leaders are Ditching Boundaries and Embracing Values," Nick offers an alternative approach to success. Instead of trying to find common ground and creating arbitrary, negotiable lines with others, government leaders must focus on more concrete and inviolable principles: their core values. 

Ready to start leading with your values? Read the blog post now.