Cartegraph ArcGIS Indoors Specialty

Cartegraph Receives Esri ArcGIS Indoors Specialty

Esri ArcGIS Indoors Specialty

Esri Recognizes Cartegraph for Expertise in Indoor Mapping, Infrastructure Management.

Cartegraph, a leading provider of building and infrastructure management software, is proud to be named an ArcGIS Indoors Specialty Partner by the Esri Partner Network. According to Esri, partners in the ArcGIS Indoors Specialty are recognized for their domain expertise with indoor mapping and location analytics, and provide specialized solutions leveraging the ArcGIS Indoors technology.

Local governments, utilities, parks, and educational institutions leverage Cartegraph in conjunction with the Esri ArcGIS platform to manage operations and maintenance activities of every infrastructure asset—indoors, outdoors, above, and below ground. With this powerful combination, users optimize the performance and useful lives of their infrastructure assets, improve space utilization, maximize resource efficiency, and reduce operating costs through smarter, data-driven decisions. Additionally, Cartegraph embeds and extends ArcGIS Indoors to provide mutual customers deep space and move management capabilities. The systems work together seamlessly to drive tightly integrated workflows for indoor asset and work management.

“We are very excited about how Cartegraph has embraced and committed to the ArcGIS Indoors technology."

“We are very excited about how Cartegraph has embraced and committed to the ArcGIS Indoors technology,” said Robert Laudati, director, Global Alliances and Partners, Esri. “Partners like Cartegraph are critical to providing deep, effective solutions for customers. They extend Esri’s powerful platform technology to deliver valuable and meaningful business solutions. We are pleased to play a key role in extending Cartegraph’s robust ‘under the roof’ offerings to provide a truly comprehensive solution for infrastructure owners.”

As an ArcGIS Indoors Specialty partner, Cartegraph is ready to work with facility operators to ensure their teams have access to the indoor maps and data they need to drive high-performance operations.

“Operations and maintenance accounts for 80% of the cost of facility ownership and optimizing space utilization maximizes ROI on the other 20%,” said Cartegraph CEO Josh Mallamud. “That’s why it’s so important to have accurate space inventory and the ability to efficiently operate and maintain your indoor infrastructure assets. This is a classic, location-centric business problem that is best addressed through the combination of ArcGIS Indoors—particularly the mapping and positioning capabilities—and Cartegraph. Our workflows are designed from the ground up to meet the operations, maintenance and space planning needs of building and infrastructure owners.”

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Cartegraph builds safer, more resilient and sustainable communities through better stewardship of buildings and infrastructure. They offer powerful, intuitive SaaS solutions that help government agencies, utilities, parks and educational institutions manage their infrastructure assets and associated operations. With Cartegraph software, users optimize the life of their infrastructure, deploy maintenance resources efficiently and increase productivity to drive high-performance operations. For more information, visit

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