Cartegraph Celebrates Excellence in Operations Management, Flag Forward Award Winners

Cartegraph, a leader in high-performance government software and services, is pleased to announce the winners of its 2016-2017 Excellence in Operations Management Awards, a program that recognizes local government organizations becoming more effective, efficient, and productive for their citizens through the use of modern technology.

Out of 15 finalists, these organizations rose to the top based on their accomplishments using Cartegraph OMS in several core areas, including infrastructure management and improvement, operational efficiency, citizen engagement, and data-driven decision-making. The award winners were honored at the Cartegraph National Conference, October 10-13 in Denver, Colorado.
Adams County, CO
A new jetting and video inspection program created a monumental task of mapping, cleaning, inspecting, and shooting video of more than 184,000 feet of storm water lines and 1,100-plus structures—just a third of the county-wide drainage system. Cartegraph technology allowed Adams County to create detailed maps and plan ahead on repairs using Cartegraph’s assessment deterioration curve. With productivity comes efficiency, as Adams County reported saving 20 hours a week in asset management alone.
City of Arlington, TX Parks & Recreation
It’s a familiar story: growth of the parks system in the City of Arlington was outpacing the available resources. As part of a top-to-bottom examination of allocated labor hours, Arlington turned to Cartegraph software to review 2 years of park maintenance data. As a result, Arlington adopted a new schedule that increased workflow efficiency and created labor savings of 18 percent, or 3,358 hours. This savings allowed Arlington to absorb the workload created by additional parks and maintained areas.
City of Colorado Springs, CO
After voters approved a ballot measure to fund road infrastructure improvements, Colorado Springs needed a way to communicate citywide construction areas and projects. Thanks to Cartegraph, Colorado Springs created a Cone Zone web app that displayed construction and road closings in coordination with the crowdsourced Waze traffic app. In one year, the city inventoried more than 960 cone zones and automated information sharing with citizens—saving the city 286 annual labor hours, or $10,700.
Three Rivers Park District, Plymouth, MN
Between a cumbersome asset data system, individual spreadsheets, handwritten inventory, and poor communication between departments, Three Rivers had problems it could only address by enlisting Cartegraph as its new system of record. Since then, building design and maintenance teams can now work in unison from the same data source and run reports with just a few keystrokes. Forestry has seen a huge impact as well; its asset reports have gone from being months out of date to accurate within an hour.
Village of Buffalo Grove, IL
After winning the APWA’s national Excellence in Snow and Ice Control award, Buffalo Grove needed a way to better manage the data that led to the program changes in the first place. Public Works used Cartegraph OMS to fully document snow plow routes, equipment and material usage, and manpower costs as efforts to streamline services continue—all while providing high levels of service to residents. Specifically, data from Cartegraph recently showed that it was truly more cost effective to use a more expensive anti-icing blend because it saved more in labor costs to offset the increase in materials cost.

Additionally, Cartegraph introduced a new honor for customer innovation at its National Conference: the Flag Forward Award. Intended to recognize a single, high-performance customer that is actively revolutionizing the public sector, the award was presented to the City of Colorado Springs, CO—an aforementioned Excellence in Operations Management Award recipient. Known for challenging the status quo and doing things differently, Colorado Springs was celebrated as “an organization whose Cartegraph data speaks for itself,” including nearly 500,000 work orders, 35,000 requests, 446 users, and $112 million in captured costs.

For more information on the Cartegraph Excellence in Operations Management Awards, click here. For photos from the award ceremony in Denver, Colorado, please click here.