Cartegraph and SeeClickFix Leverage Mobile Technology to Engage Citizens, Improve Communities

Strategic partnership to disrupt local government technology, usher in new era of clarity and customer service.

Cartegraph, a leader in high-performance government software and services, has announced an exclusive partnership with citizen request leader, SeeClickFix. This connection is bridging the gap between residents and their local government by providing a mobile, citizen-first approach to operational communication and productivity.

Through this partnership, the power lies in the hands of citizens. Using their smartphone or computer, a resident can use SeeClickFix to find information on community services and events or instantly notify city staff of non-emergency issues—such as potholes or graffiti. When those requests come in, they are passed instantly into Cartegraph OMS, the operations management system trusted by public works teams, water departments, and parks across the country. Relying on mobile technology, these teams can see and respond to requests in record time—notifying the citizen every step of the way.

“In a mobile-first world, it’s not enough for government to be transparent. Today, citizens expect clarity, responsiveness, and convenience,” said Cartegraph Senior Vice President of Products Brad Holthaus. “Together with SeeClickFix, we’re creating a seamless, consumer-quality experience that’s taking public sector operations to the next level. Residents will know their local government is listening to them and see what happens behind the scenes to fulfill their requests.”

Just south of San Francisco, the City of Burlingame, California has leveraged Cartegraph OMS and SeeClickFix technology to streamline internal workflows, eliminate redundancies and better communicate maintenance activities with the community. In just a few taps, Burlingame citizens can do anything from sign up for a recreational class or report a streetlight outage to connect with city council or check on the status of a work request.

“In the past decade, SeeClickFix has fundamentally changed the citizen experience with local government. In that time, Cartegraph has redefined what it means to be a high-performing government. At the intersection of the two products and communities of users, stands a tremendous opportunity to bring the future of local government to a new level of engagement and operational efficiency. Through this partnership, SeeClickFix will be able to bring to the light much of the hard work that has been done—and is going to be done—in cities and towns where Cartegraph is operating,” said SeeClickFix CEO Ben Berkowitz.

For more information on improving operational communication and productivity, please visit or call (800) 688-2656 x 5281.